Album Review: Impact is Imminent - Anvil

Album Review: Impact is Imminent - Anvil

Anvil hitting the road with a new studio album is an imminent occurrence we’ve learned to count on. Another thing that is imminent is that it will be loaded with big riffs, double bass drums, and that signature “Lips” vocals. The bad news bears of heavy metal have released their 19th studio album with all of the elements that have made Anvil one of history’s best metal bands. 

The lineup of Steve “Lips” Kudlow on guitar and vocals, Rob Reiner on drums, and Chris Robertson on bass. The anchor and heartbeat of the band are the two original members that we fell in love with, in the Anvil documentary “Anvil! The Story of Anvil”.

The legendary heavy metal trio from Canada has returned with a new studio album entitled “Impact Is Imminent”. The album was released on May 20th on AFM Records. The new release was produced by Martin Pfeiffer and Jorg Uken who worked with the band on the last three records. 

If you’re a fan of Anvil? You will not be disappointed in the material created during the pandemic lockdown. The tone and production value on this release really stand out immediately each musician is mixed nicely giving you a great experience listening to Impact is Imminent. 

I will be the first to admit some of the songs are filler but hey what Anvil album doesn’t consist of some fluff? It does make the real quality material stand out and which will be chosen for the upcoming tour’s setlist.

Personally, I am intrigued to hear it live and how the audience reacts to the new material. Because some are very powerful tunes and deserve to be delivered in a live setting. Ghost Shadow and Fire Rain are classic thrash metal hits that are built around Rob Reiner’s signature double bass. He truly is the anchor of the band and might not get the credit he truly deserves.

Nice mix of different genres especially in the two instrumental songs Teabag and Gomez. I’m generally not a huge fan of instrumentals but these are real bangers and show the band’s musicianship.

Track Listing from Impact is Imminent: 

  1. Take a Lesson 
  2. Ghost Shadow
  3. Another Gun Fight
  4. Fire Rain
  5. Teabag
  6. Don’t Look Back
  7. Someone to Hate
  8. Bad Side of Town
  9. Wizard’s Wand
  10. Lockdown
  11. Explosive Energy
  12. The Rabbit Hole
  13. Shockwave
  14. Gomez

Rating: 7/10

Released By: AFM Records

Release Date: May 20th, 2022

For Fans Of: 

Favorite Track(s): Ghost Shadow, Fire Rain, and Teabag

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