Album Review: In Flames - Foregone

Album Review: In Flames - Foregone

With what can only be described as a varied discography under their belt, Swedish Melodic Death Metal pioneers In Flames have returned with their 14th studio album ‘Foregone‘ released via Nuclear Blast Records.

The record begins with a solemn acoustic guitar and string instrument opening as The Beginning Of All Things That Will End builds an atmospheric and emotive introduction before charging forward with an ominous and chugging State of Slow Decay. This track is full of serious riffage and chant worthy choruses typical of the band yet still packs an exciting punch. Meet Your Maker is a strong early track for the record; synth heavy, melodically gorgeous with soaring solos and Anders’ trademark growls and melodic cleans. Bleeding Out is a mid-tempo stomp full of groove-laced clean vocals and rasping growls on a backdrop of intricate guitarwork and thunderous drumming; this track is truly stunning with a massive, stand-out solo.

Foregone Pt. 1 is probably the heaviest track on the record. With it’s unrelenting force and furious riffs yet incredibly atmospheric. Anders‘ vocals are showcased here through his ability to make his gutturals both brutal and recognisably melodic. Instantly followed by Foregone Pt. 2, this track is a different beast entirely compared to it’s predecessor. More of a mid-tempo, gliding pace with a solid mix of growls and ethereal clean vocals; this track soars and is utterly beautiful.

Pure Light of Mind isn’t exactly a ballad but is the most emotive and atmospheric of the record. It slows the pace slightly but doesn’t lack in power; a chant-worthy, compelling work of art showcasing the band’s musical prowess. The Great Deceiver kicks the record back in to gear as it charges through the gate with a classic In Flames onslaught of epic riffage, thunderous drums and melodically powerful growls. In The Dark is a wonderfully groove-laced stomp with all that synthy goodness, more soaring solos and catchy choruses.

As the record begins to descend to its conclusion, we are gifted with the catchy and chugging A Dialogue In B Flat Minor; a combination of rhythmically powerful choruses and emotionally charged ferocity. Cynosure incorporates a strong rhythm section with heavy basslines and blistering drums supporting Anders ghostly, soaring vocals. End the Transmission is aptly named for the record’s conclusion; a final push with chugging groove and well balanced vocals.

It’s safe to say that after years of producing albums which haven’t quite hit the mark despite their strong points, In Flames have made their comeback with a renewed fire. Incorporating the best of their classic, old school sound with their new approaches, the band have released an absolutely raging beast of a record and have returned to their prime.

Rating: 9.5/10

Release Date: 10th February 2023

Released By: Nuclear Blast

Genre: Melodic Death Metal

For Fans Of: Dark Tranquility, At The Gates, Arch Enemy

Favourite Track(s): The Entire Tracklisting

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