Album Review: KoRN - Requiem

Album Review: KoRN - Requiem

Korn aren’t everyone’s cup of tea. They’re one of those bands where you either love them or you hate them. But you can’t deny that they have successfully created a very unique sound that first captured the hearts of angsty teenagers in the 90s and remained with us right in to adulthood.

The nu-metal titans have returned with their 14th studio album ‘Requiem’ and although it’s only 32 minutes and 39 seconds long, it certainly packs a punch. Compared to 2019’s ‘The Nothing’ which was steeped in grief and one of their darkest records to date, ‘Requiem’ is the evolution and embraces that classic sound that made them famous. Korn have never shied away from personal controversial subjects and although the record outlines themes of hope and realisation, it is still quite dark in its own right with Davies constantly looking over his shoulder waiting for this time of peace and calm to end.

‘Start The Healing’ was the first track to be released from the record and split opinion throughout the metal world, a very familiar occurrence for the band. It was deemed too ‘mainstream friendly’ or ‘poppy’ but if you break the lyrics down and really listen to what Davies is trying to say, it’s about recognising the darkness and seeking help to literally start the healing. It’s not really ‘too poppy’ once you dive below the surface.

‘Forgotten’ was the follow up track and the opener for the record. It sets the mood and pace starting off with that signature one-stringed guitar riff often found in Korn tracks before descending into heavy groove-laced melodies and Davies passion-filled vocals.

‘Hopeless and Beaten’ is the most surprising track of the record. It starts off loud, brash and hulking with harsh drumming and contrasting vocals. It perfectly transitions in to ‘Penance To Sorrow’ which showcases Korn’s signature distorted sound and catchy hooks.

The record closes with ‘Worst Is On Its Way,‘ Perhaps an ominous ending however this is by far the strongest track of the record in my opinion. It harks back to the Follow The Leader/Untouchables era with chugging riffage, heavy basslines and Davies signature beat-boxing; as classic Korn you can possibly get.

It seems to me that Korn have come full circle from the dark distorted sound that made them famous in the 90s, to their experimental dubstep rock and amalgamated it to produce a modern take to their classic work. In my opinion, this is their strongest material to date since Untouchables. I completely vibed with this album both as a long-time Korn fan and on a personal level; I give it 8/10.

Released By: Loma Vista

Release Date: 4th February 2022

For Fans Of: Slipknot, Disturbed, Static-X

Favourite Track(s): Start The Healing, Penance To Sorrow, Worst Is On Its Way

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