Album Review: Krisiun - Mortem Solis

Album Review: Krisiun - Mortem Solis

Brazilian extreme death metal band Krisiun are one of those bands who prove that consistency is key. They have repeatedly produced stellar records spanning their 3 decade tenure since their formation in 1990. Arguably one of the most influential bands to emerge from Brazil, they have shared the stage with Belphegor, Vader, Incantation and Rotting Christ, guaranteeing a storm of aggression and extreme heavy metal whenever they play. Kirsiun have returned with Mortem Solis; the follow up to 2018’s Scourge Of The Enthroned and their 12th studio album to date.

The record opener ‘Sworn Enemies‘ bursts in to frantic intensity with thunderous drumming, brutal gutturals and fevered guitar work with a slight tinge of melody. The way this record bursts in to life from the get-go brilliantly sets the tone for the rest of the record. ‘Serpent Messiah‘ is a cacophony of unhinged aggression, blasting through with more thunderous war-like drumming and harsh vocals. The guitars are chaotic yet groove-tinged, showcasing the band’s technical prowess.

Swords Into Flesh‘ continues the onslaught of the previous two tracks infused with epic riffage, Slayer-esque guitar squeals and catchy hooks. ‘Necronomical‘ brings the momentum down to a catchy, yet sinister mid-tempo, bass-lead march. It changes the pace to keep the record fresh as it approaches its mid-way point but still maintains its imposing presence. ‘Tomb of the Nameless‘ is one of the more technical tracks on the record with its intricate guitar work. The momentum has surged on compared to the previous track .

‘Dawn Sun Carnage (Intro)‘ is a short instrumental spanning 1 minute and 33 seconds long. It’s cinematic, foreboding and sets a menacing theme blending perfectly in to ‘Temple Of The Abattoir.’ There is a heavy Slayer influence to this track with its ominous opener and imposing shredding. With catchy riffs and frantic drums, the record batters on and doesn’t lose its momentum.

‘War Blood Hammer’ in a word, is massive. Insane blast-beats, a rumbling, heavy bassline and frantic shredding, this track flows in chaotic ferocity interspersed with savage vocals. The penultimate track ‘As Angels Burn’ is nothing short of crushing. Despite coming to the end of the record, the momentum doesn’t wane and, if anything, is a sharp, final shock to the jugular. The record closer ‘Worm God‘ is a dark finale, with a slightly slower and more ominous pace from the onset but increases momentum again throughout. It’s a grinding offering giving the record one final brutal push.

Krisiun have never stagnated despite their vast discography. Combining extreme death metal with catchy hooks and technically melodic elements, Mortem Solis proves that the band have honed a well concocted formula throughout their career that doesn’t show any signs of diminishing.

Rating: 8/10

Released By: Nuclear Blast

Release Date: 29th July 2022

For Fans Of: Slayer, Morbid Angel, Sepultura

Favourite Tracks: Necronomical, Temple Of The Abattoir

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