Album Review: Nightrage - Abyss Rising

Album Review: Nightrage - Abyss Rising

Greek/Swedish Melodic Death Metal underdogs Nightrage have returned with their 9th studio album Abyss Rising; an aural assault immersed in old school Swedish Melodic Death metal creating a perfect balance between melody and aggression. Despite their extensive discography spanning over 20 years, the band have often been overlooked despite their strong holding within the Melodic Death Metal scene.

The record is the 3rd and final chapter of a trilogy which is lyrically based on Dante’s Inferno. The band have said about the record:

“It’s the final realisation and the last chapter of the dark and conceptual story we followed through the previous two albums (2017s The Venomous and 2019s Wolf to Man). We as humans have been speeding towards our inevitable end. Our time is since long up and we are already in the hell that we have created for ourselves here upon Mother Earth.”

At just 39 minutes long with each of the 13 tracks lasting in the region of 3-4 minutes each (save for the 1 minute interlude, 2 minute instrumental and the 1 minute closer) this record packs a punch and does not hold back despite it’s shorter time span.

The title track rips the record apart with a barrage of aggression, chugging riffs and catchy hooks with ‘Swallow Me,’ ‘Nauseating Oblivion’ and ‘Dance of Cerberus’ following the same epic vein.

‘Portal of Dismay – Interlude‘ changes the pace of the record at it’s midway point slowing things right down with the following tracks ‘Shadows Embrace Me’ and ‘9th Circle of Hell’ which have a more doom-style element but still packing plenty of that initial intensity.

The record itself is split in to 3 sections with a second interlude/instrumental; ‘The Divergent‘ is a (just under) 2 minute long instrumental showcasing the band’s musical prowess, particularly with the intricate guitar solos before descending in to the same melodic aggression and thunderous drums as the opening of the record. ‘Cursed By The Gift Of Sight,’ ‘False Gods’ and ‘Pest Ridden Tide’ reminds the listener of that ruthless efficiency and epic riffage accompanied by brutal vocals before the record closes with its 3rd and final instrumental ‘Silence of the Darkened Soul;‘ bringing a dark and melancholic conclusion to the record before fading out.

If classic Swedish Melodic Death Metal is your jam, then look no further. This is everything you could possibly need from the genre and I highly recommend that you listen to The Venomous and Wolf to Man to experience the whole trilogy of Dante’s Inferno. I completely vibed with this record and give it 8.5/10.

Released By: Despotz Records

Release Date: 18th February 2022

For Fans Of: In Flames, Words of Farewell, As I Lay Dying

Favourite Track(s): Abyss Rising, Dance of Cerberus, False Gods

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