Album Review: Nuclear Winter - Seagrave

Album Review: Nuclear Winter - Seagrave

Melodic Death/Industrial Metal; think heavy, riffy soundscapes, incredible orchestral atmosphere, haunting melodies and ridiculously addictive synthy theatrics with both gutteral and clean vocals. Epic solo project Nuclear Winter (the mastermind of which is Gary Stautmeister) has released new record Seagrave.

Stautmeister says of the record:

"Get ready for my latest Nuclear Winter album - Seagrave. With a deliberate focus on heavier sounds and a simpler approach to songwriting, Seagrave isn't just about pure aggression. This album also showcases a bigger incorporation of choir elements that help add an epic dimension to the sound. The result I feel is a step forward from my previous work."

The record begins with 'The Gimmering Landscape,' which is about leaving a hopeless place but it asks the question whether the new destination would be any better. A galloping onslaught of thunderous drums and frantic riffage on a foundation of heavy atmospheric choirs. This track twists and turns through a cinematic journey of pure dramatic flair alternating between demonic gutterals screaming from the void and soaring, crisp cleans. 'Starward Longing' explores how things in life don't pan out the way we would hope and continues in the same dramatically theatrical flair of its predecessor. Stautmeister's prowess is showcased here, demonstrating his incredible ability to smoothly alternate between gutteral and clean vocals with ease. Not to mention the soaring guitar and blistering blastbeats. 'Fates Mysteries' approaches frustrations in not being able to achieve one's goals, but there's nothing frustarting about this track; just like the preceding tracks it's full of theatrical opulence, blistering blast beats, soaring solos and aggressive undertones.

'Thy Shadows Fall' has a point to make and is absolutely blistering with a stomping groove element, catchy hooks and subtle electronics. Stautmeister's vocals in this particular track are very reminiscent of the likes of Devin Townsend; commanding your attention and keeping it with alternating styles and power. 'The Grave Is Wide' is heavy on the choir and synthy elements from the very beginning with thunderous drums and demonic growls; this track twists and turns as it takes you through a dark voyage of trying times. 'The Dusk and the Song' is dark, foreboding and incredibly intense, relying heavily on those monstrous blast beats, gutteral growls, ethereal solos and haunting melodies.

'Pale Memories' begins the concluding third of the record, a stomping cacophony of haunting electronics, dark melodies and a foreboding atmosphere. The penultimate track 'Black Waters' is full of orchestral synth, a heavy foundation of dark, stompy groove and electrifying atmosphere as well as gritty riffage. Finally, we have a cover of German pop group Bad Boys Blue's 'House of Silence,' taking an already iconic track and adding his own dark and otherwordly metal twist to it.

Nuclear Winter's Seagrave is a voyage through darkening realms, carrying a sombre mood across the album. Combining haunting choirs with heavy melodies, various layers of dramatic flair and ferocious intent. This record is incredibly powerful, commanding and absolutely breathtaking. It's both brutally aggressive and stunningly beautiful.

Rating: 9/10
Release Date: July 21st 2023
Released By: MMD Records
FFO: Fleshgod Apocalypse, Devin Townsend, Gary Numan, Fear Factory, Rammstein


01 - The Glimmering Landscape  
02 - Starward Longing        
03 - Fates Mysteries
04 - Thy Shadows Fall          
05 - The Grave is Wide  
06 - The Dusk and the Song          
07 - Pale Memories          
08 - Black Waters      
09 - House of Silence (Bad Boys Blue Cover)    

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