Album Review: Obituary - Dying of Everything

Album Review: Obituary - Dying of Everything

Obituary are legendary within the death metal genre. Credited with helping to define the genre in the 90s, they have always carried the burden of maintaining the high expectations expected of them. 2017’s self-titled release is widely accepted as their strongest record since the early days, therefore ‘Dying of Everything‘ has been highly anticipated, especially after a solid 6 year wait.

Vocalist John Tardy says of the album: “It’s easy listening. You can just enjoy it without having to think too much about it.”

The record kicks off with ‘Barely Alive,’ a thrashy death metal storm of chugging riffs, blistering drums and Slayer-esque guitar madness. ‘The Wrong Time‘ and ‘Without a Conscience‘ are groove laced, mid-tempo stomps guaranteed to get you headbanging, the latter of which has an epically intricate solo.

War‘ opens with a battlefield gun fight before Tardy screams “I’ll take you to war!” repeatedly as the track descends in to another chugging stomp of rhythm and flying solos. The title track ‘Dying of Everything‘ kicks it up a notch or five with a rampant, thrash-infused pummeling of brutal vocals, thunderous drumming and sludgy guitar riffs. ‘My Will To Live‘ brings things back down to another swinging mid-tempo beat reminiscent of ‘Redneck Stomp‘ from 2005’s Frozen In Time record whereas ‘By the Dawn‘ is considerably more sinister with an atmospheric opening and a gloriously thrashy onslaught of rhythm.

Weaponize the Hate‘ boasts blistering kick drum beats and a flurry of epic Slayer-style riffage as it charges on in to the closing tracks. These tracks are no less savage than the record’s opening with ‘Torn Apart‘ blasting your face off with incredible guitar work, brutal vocals and vigorous drumming. The final track ‘Be Warned‘ as a closer is threateningly sludgy with sinister vocals and doom-tinged brilliance.

Focusing more on epic riffage and groove orientated beats without losing that old school death metal edge, it’s safe to say that this highly anticipated 11th album ‘Dying of Everything‘ from the death metal icons has not disappointed in the slightest. Obituary have nuked this record in to orbit providing a ridiculously strong start to 2023.

Rating: 8.5/10

Release Date: 13th January 2023

Released Via: Relapse Records

For Fans Of: Morbid Angel, Death, Ingested, Slayer

Favourite Track(s): The Wrong Time, Weaponize the Hate, My Will To Live

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