Album Review: Riot V - Mean Streets

Album Review: Riot V - Mean Streets

The American heavy metal band, Riot V will release their seventeenth studio album Mean Streets, on May 10th 2024.

They’ve playing heavy and power metal since 1975. Formerly known as Riot, they reformed the band and changed their name in 2013 after their founder, guitarist, and songwriter, Mark Reale died. Mark's father requested the band to put to rest the name. The band continued under a similar name, Riot V.

Band Members

  • Don Van Stavern – bass
  • Mike Flyntz – lead guitar, backing vocals
  • Frank Gilchriest – drums
  • Todd Michael Hall – lead vocals
  • Nick Lee – rhythm guitar

The album starts with 'Hail To The Warriors,' an old-school classic heavy metal song. High-pitched screams, fast-pounding drums, catchy choruses, killer guitar solos and strong bass. The anthem feeling reminded me of Manowar with that power metal tone. Then 'Feel The Fire.' I love the vocals here and that 80s metal vibe song. It tells the story of a passionate love.

The third song, 'Love Beyond The Grave,' starts like a power ballad with that typical guitar sound, but then transforms into another good heavy metal song. A fantasy love story between this world and beyond.

'High Noon,' is a super fast-paced song with a great guitar solo. My favorite song of the album and it's super energetic. It’s inspired by the Old West and the love of Mark for these topics.

'Before This Time,' is a softer song but without losing the metal vibe. Plus it has a great guitar solo. The fast heavy metal comes back with 'Higher.' Another superfast song is the title track, 'Mean Streets.'

Then, like a breath of fresh air between all the crazy heavy metal, comes 'Open Road,' a “calmer track” with a nice guitar solo and the sound of a motorcycle at the end. Power metal makes its way in to the record with 'Mortal Eyes.' Bringing cool bass lines. Another strong and energetic song is 'Lost Dreams.' It has my favorite guitar solo of the album. A different style is introduced with 'Lean Into It.' This song has more of a rock feel, with great guitar solos and sick guitar work during the whole song. I love this track, it gives you strength when you’re feeling overwhelmed. The album finishes with another power metal song, 'No More.'

A solid metal album. Mean Streets represents their origins. They grew up on the streets of New York. It’s a return to their original sound, but with a twist of modern power metal.

Riot V continued with Mark’s and the band’s legacy, because nobody can stop heavy metal, it’s a passion and this band knows that well.

Rating: 7/10
Release Date: May 10th 2024
Released By: Atomic Fire Records
FFO: Running Wild, Metal Church, Grim Reaper

Track List

01 - Hail To The Warriors
02 - Feel The Fire
03 - Love Beyond The Grave
04 - High Noon
05 - Before This Time
06 - Higher
07 - Mean Streets
08 - Open Road
09 - Mortal Eyes
10 - Lost Dreams
11 - Lean Into It
12 - No More

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