Album Review - The Agonist - Days Before the World Wept

Album Review - The Agonist - Days Before the World Wept

Canadian Melodic Death Metal Quintet ‘The Agonist’ have returned with a blistering new EP “Days Before The World Wept” released via Napalm Records. It encapsulates their signature sound that spans various genres of metal yet brings a whole new tremendous onslaught to the senses.

The EP is a conceptual fable, a kaleidoscope of metal wizardry and dramatisation that pulls out all the stops. It tells the story of greed, pain, confusion, redemption, rebirth and hope. 

The lead track, ‘Remnants in Time’ opens with classical piano before dropping you face first into frantic blast beats and hauntingly dramatic choral vocals. Vicky Psarakis’ astronomical vocal ability is showcased here, alternating between the gutteral lows, the soaring highs and the haunting melodies, hitting every single pitch and continuing to do so throughout every single track.

The following track ‘Immaculate Deception’ opens with a brief spoken word interlude of ‘If you look at the face of evil, evil will look right back at you’ before you’re suddenly ambushed by the double bass ferocity of the drums and eerily operatic vocals. Towards the end of the track, there are viciously gutteral vocals that carry you straight into the reworked version of ‘Resurrection’ which fits the theme of the EP perfectly.

The closing tracks of the EP, Feast On The Living and the title track are ferocious and fast paced, with double bass driven moments intersped with a slightly more progressive sound accompanied by precision guitarwork. 
The guitars are technically meticulous and intense, the drums are rapid fire and relentless and the bass attack leads you into a highly emotive world of roaring ferocity and staggering vocal ability.

The Agonist have taken no prisoners in displaying their extremes and I honestly think the music speaks for itself. I vibe with this EP and give it a 8/10.

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