Elegant Weapons First Single

Elegant Weapons First Single

By the fall of 2022 a new band was announced, consisting of Richie Faulkner (Judas Priest), Ronnie Romero (Rainbow), Rex Brown (Pantera), and Scott Travis (Judas Priest). A kind of super group.

Yesterday their first single called Blind The Leading Blind was released, which will be part of their first studio album.

The opening riff sounds very much in the style of what Faulkner has composed for Judas Priest on Firepower, while the riff that follows seems to be recycled from the same album, Ronnie Romero’s voice fits perfectly, and I’m glad to hear that he has finally found his own singing style.

Rex’s bass accompanies Scott Travis’ drums well, although I’ve always had a problem with Scott Travis’ drumming as I feel he uses a lot of pointless double pedals.

I could not say that the song is excellent or that it is a masterpiece, but it is good, if the other songs of the album follow the same line, we can realize that Faulkner achieved his goal of composing with free will, and that his stay with Judas Priest has served him a lot to mature as a musician.

Another thing… In the latest promotional images of the band Rex Brown and Scott Travis no longer appear, it seems that Pantera’s commitments made it difficult for Rex to perform with Elegant Weapons, while it is unknown why Scott Travis will no longer perform with them.

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