EP Review: The Atrophic - Coagulating Mirth

EP Review: The Atrophic - Coagulating Mirth

If adrenaline fuelled Technical Melodic Death Metal sounds like your cup of tea, look no further than the debut EP ‘Coagulating Mirth‘ from The Atrophic. The duo hail from Raleigh in North Carolina and their project was created and honed throughout the pandemic lockdowns of 2021.

Featuring frontman Sean Irizarry and guitarist Kyle Kuffermann, they “joined forces to create a sound that ensnares the feeling of impending calamity; inspired by the threat of societal collapse.”

The opening title track creates a dramatic and cinematic scene with it’s use of classic orchestral elements before launching straight in to a face ripping howl and technically insane riffage. Incorporating inspiration from the Gothenburg sound with it’s soaring solos and brutal blast-beats, the track takes an unexpected turn where it slows to a Rivers of Nihil style pace with a melodic/classic dual guitar and whispered vocals before descending in to feral chaos once more. ‘Misery’s Grip‘ continues in the same vein with blistering blast-beats, ferocious vocals and lightning riffage. This track doesn’t slow down and continues to soar with face-melting solos and ferocity.

Vessels For The Oligarchs‘ is a thunderous beast focusing on the double-kick drum with epically twisting solos and riffs maintaining the earlier ferocity but also creating an atmospheric undertone. The closing track ‘Horrid Mortal Tendrils‘ opens with a softer, melancholic guitar tone, lulling you in before erupting for the last time. The final dual guitar solos are magnificent and the drumming is every bit as thunderous as they were at the beginning of the EP before fading out with a sombre piano lead finale.

At 4 tracks long spanning a total of 19 minutes, The Atrophic set out to create a project heavily focused on epic riffage and soaring solos designed to bury themselves in your brain. The EP is addictive and enticing whilst also mired in brutality. As far as debut EPs go, this one has stormed straight out the gate and forged a blistering presence in the Melodic Death Metal scene.

Rating: 8/10

Released By: Self-Released

Release Date: 8th July 2022

For Fans Of: Allaegeon, Rivers of Nihil, The Black Dahlia Murder

Favourite Track(s): Coagulating Mirth, Horrid Mortal Tendrils

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