Album Review: Exodus - Fabulous Disaster

Album Review: Exodus - Fabulous Disaster

Exodus’ third album arrived on january 30th 1989, and was called Fabulous Disaster.

With only three studio albums, Exodus was confirmed as a pillar band of american thrash metal, I think this would be the first Exodus album that improves in terms of technique and production, because unlike their two previous works, Fabulous Disaster has much more polished and better worked sound.

In this album, Exodus also shows a lyrical maturity by addresing issues based on the abuses of the prision system (as we can see in The Last Act Of Defiance), violence and family abuse in Like Father, Like Son; Fabulous Disaster covers the theme of war and nuclear devastation, and even in The Toxic Waltz they describe almost perfectly how much fun you will have at an Exodus concert nad in general of any metal band where there is a moshpit, and the theme of corruption.

There are two covers, the first one by the folk rock band War, where Exodus does their own version of their hit Low Rider, very much in their own style and nothing like the original version, and a song by AC/DC: Overdose.

Musically speaking, as I already mentioned, the musical maturity is remarkable in this album, the powerful riffs that carry rhythm changes (like Corruption), where we can appreciate the inflencia that the NWOBHM had on them, and of course the song Verbal Razors shines like gold, wich I believe has the fastest nad most brutal riff on the whole album. Steve Souza’s voice is a powerful nad despite being a voice with a high register, it fits perfectly well to the compositions, and even reminding the great Bon Scott in the cover of Overdose.

The Fabulous Disaster is a great album from beginning to the end, where even though it was the last album with Tom Hunting before his first departure, the band sounds comfortable playing with that golden line-up. An album you can’t miss in your collection if you are a thrash fan.

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