S7N One Of The Most Promising Metal bands in Mexico

S7N One Of The Most Promising Metal bands in Mexico

S7N was born as a Metallica and Megadeth cover band in 2009, it was until 2011 that the band would begin to compose original material with its lineup formed by Mao, Memo, Israel, Fab and Lalo.

It Would be two years before they would present their debut album Fearless, where they would be characterized by singing in english despite being a 100% mexican band. Their debut album led them to perform as opening act for bands such as Havok, Ghost and Napalm Death, and they even received a nomination for best metal album at The Mexican Independient Music Awards.

In May 2015 they would participate for the first time in Vive Latino, the most important music festival in Mexico, and in November they were already performing on the main stage of the Force Fest in Guadalajara, sharing the stage next to bands like Overkill and Judas Priest. It is worth mentioning that their single Blackout had a great sucess in Mexico when it was included as part of the soundtrack of the series Club de Cuervos.

Their style is purely heavy, with clear influences that border on thrash and marked power in each of their other works, they currently have two studio albums (Fearless 2013 and Deadline 2016), it is worth mentioning that they have been the first rock/metal band to tour inside prisions playing in front of thousands of inmates in Mexico.

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