Appetite for Money!!

Guns N’ Roses Heads For $500 Million Tour Earnings As ‘November Rain’ Sets YouTube Record

The earning power of Guns N’ Roses has been underlined as the band’s reunion tour closes in on $500 million in revenue – and its video for “November Rain” surpasses 1 billion views on YouTube.

The reunited group is now the biggest musical act on YouTube for both the 1980s and 1990s. “November Rain” is the first music video from the 1990s to reach the billion-view milestone, and the first one created before the YouTube era to do so. The band also is the biggest of the 1980s, according to YouTube, thanks to the video for “Sweet Child O’ Mine.”

The “November Rain” video was released 26 years ago and its continued success shows the growing popularity of catalog songs as an income generator. The song averaged nearly 560,000 views every day in 2017. Its hits are actually increasing in recent years, with its peak daily views reached on November 25, 2017.

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