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  • Interview: Matt Walters / Freedom of Fear

    Interview: Matt Walters / Freedom of Fear

    For those of you who have read my review of the latest release from Freedom of Fear (see the link at the bottom óf the article), you will know how much I enjoyed it. So it was pleasure to be able to sit and talk to guitarist Matt Walters and have the opportunity to learn […]

  • Album Review: Freedom of Fear – Carpathia

    Album Review: Freedom of Fear – Carpathia

    Album length: 9 tracks / 40 minutes Label: EVP recordings I will start this review by saying that this album has wreaked havoc upon my AOTY list. It has unashamedly elbowed its way into my top 5 and it will not be moving from that spot. If you like any of the following, then you […]

  • Interview: David Davidson – Revocation

    Interview: David Davidson – Revocation

    On the 9th September 2022, our ears will be blessed with the eighth full-length album from Revocation called “Netherheaven” (via Metal Blade Records). I had the pleasure of talking to ‘The King of Yellow’ himself, David Davidson – vocalist and guitarist of Revocation. The band say that the songs on this album are“evil and sinister […]

  • Interview: Tom Cronin – Celestial Sanctuary

    Interview: Tom Cronin – Celestial Sanctuary

    As pioneers of the NWOBDM scene, I was honoured to sit and have a chat with the very lovely Tom (guitar and vocals) from Celestial Sanctuary. We spoke about their previous album “Soul Diminished”, their upcoming new track and split record and (of course) the Spice Girls! Check out the full interview below (which starts […]

  • Album review: Psycroptic “Divine Council”

    Album review: Psycroptic “Divine Council”

    After four years since their last release, Psycroptic have released their eight full-length album “Divine Council” (Prosthetic Records) today, the 5th August 2022. Like so many other bands, the pandemic created a physical barrier for recording this album, but according to Dave Haley (drummer) in my interview with him (see the link at the bottom […]

  • Interview: BATTLEGRAVE

    Interview: BATTLEGRAVE

    After releasing their first full-length album “Relics of a Dead Earth” four years ago, BATTLEGRAVE are back with their new album “Cavernous Depths” (released on the 22nd July 2022 via Bitter Loss Records). The Australian duo are showing the world exactly how death-thrash should be done, with a 10-track album packed with stank-face worthy extreme […]

  • Interview: Psycroptic / Dave Haley

    Interview: Psycroptic / Dave Haley

    In the running up to the release of Psycroptic‘s 8th full-length album “Divine Council” (Prosthetic Records), I sat down with drummer Dave Haley (pictured left in the photo) to talk about it. We talked about how the recording process was affected by the pandemic, the beautiful album artwork and the best/worst parts of being a […]

  • Drummers: Interview with AJ Viana (Hath)

    Drummers: Interview with AJ Viana (Hath)

    As part of my ongoing “drummers” mini-series, I sat down for a chat with the lovely AJ Viana who plays drums in the bands Hath (blackened death), Cognitive (tech-death/deathcore), Ophidius (instrumental tech-death) and The American Standard (hard rock). We spoke about how he got into drumming, his work producing and mixing metal albums, his opinion […]

  • Interview: The Machinist

    Interview: The Machinist

    Founded in 2012, The Machinist are a female-fronted hardcore/deathcore band from NY. The band is made up of singer Amanda Gjelaj, guitarist Josh Gomez and drummer Steve Ciorciari. They’re about to release their second full-length album All Is Not Well on Friday 8th July 2022, via Prosthetic Records, and I sat down to interview guitarist […]