Bon Scott’s Final Performance with AC/DC

Bon Scott’s Final Performance with AC/DC

January 27th, 1980

1980 and AC/DC were riding high off their Highway to Hell album. The album would end up peaking at number 17 on the Billboard Charts.

The band was just getting back to England after being in France for a week. Support that night was Diamond Head.

The theatre roughly held over 2,000 and I’m not sure what the attendance was that night but imagine seeing Bon Scott for the last time.

As one chap at the time said…. I remember being a very finnicky geek about the sound at some concerts, but the whole evening was brilliant, the road crew engineers really knew how to get a great live sound. Angus was on blistering form and i remember thinking after the show that it was the best concert I’d ever seen.

Among those who attended AC/DC’s make-up show at the Gaumont in Southampton, UK on January 27, 1980 (it was originally set on December 18, 1979 but was moved), no one knew it was going to be Bon Scott’s last live performance.

Here is the AC/DC setlist from that night…

1) Live Wire
2) Shot Down in Flames
3) Hell Ain’t a Bad Place to Be
4) Sin City
5) Problem Child
6) Bad Boy Boogie
7) The Jack
8) Highway to Hell
9) Girls Got Rhythm
10) High Voltage
11) Whole Lotta Rosie
13) Rocker
14) TNT
15) Let There Be Rock

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