<strong>Canada's RED CAIN Pay Homage To Wheel Of Time With Music Video For Commanding New Single “Fisher King”</strong>

L to R: Samuel Ridout (guitar), Tyler Corbett (guitar), Evgeniy Zayarny (vocals), Kalie Yan (bass, vocals), Taylor Gibson (drums)

Red Cain, from Calgary, Canada is a modern progressive metal project with Eastern European roots. They have been making waves since their first release in 2016, with award-winning concept albums and music videos. The next chapter in their ongoing saga is a music video for the single “Fisher King” that conceptually takes place in the universe of the legendary Wheel of Time fantasy series. It comes off a yet-to-be-titled album that is expected sometime next year. The band comments on the single:

“’Fisher King’, was written in its original form over 10 years ago, long before Red Cain’s existence as a band – so it was an extremely cool experience to go back to this old track, rewrite, and revitalize it to fit our sound. Much like our upcoming album, “Fisher King” keeps the quintessential Red Cain “melancholy and rage” but takes the death metal influences from “Kindred: Act II” even further, featuring a huge growl-centric chorus, a variety of down-tuned, sludgy riffs, and gripping, raw vocal hooks and melodies.”

Red Cain’s first two full albums, “Kindred: Act I” and “Kindred: Act II” conceptually told a sprawling story of how raw and primal ancient myth collides with modern society and human yearning toward the stars, toward perfection. The albums contained a ton of genre inspirations, from gothic rock to ambient electronica, power, black, and death metal, and were universally lauded for their inventiveness, variety, and strong conceptual content. They continue this momentum with their upcoming release.

“Fisher King” is unsettling, bombastic, and unrelenting, this track showcases a musical and lyrical contest of wills between the “Chosen One” archetype, and his antithetical, flawed, yet lethal opponent caught in his unrelenting march. It is recommended for fans of Kamelot, Mastodon, and Powerwolf.

Red Cain is:
Evgeniy Zayarny – Vocals
Samuel Ridout – Guitars
Tyler Corbett – Guitars
Kalie Yan – Bass, Vocals
Taylor Gibson – Drums

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