Album Review: The Resilient - The Secret Rule

Album Review: The Resilient - The Secret Rule

I had been asked to listen to and review the new album from The Secret Rule. This is my first time hearing the band and to say I’m impressed, would be an understatement. The self-proclaimed melodic/modern/symphonic female-fronted metal band delivers all of that and so much more. I defy anyone to put on the opening track and not bang their head!

The new album will be released on June 17th on 7HARD Records and it will be the 8th album from The Secret Rule. Subsequently with the release of the album comes the third video for the song “The Illusion”. The other previously released videos were for One More and Obsession. All three songs are certified bangers too! 

The band is made up of:

Angela Di Vincenzo 2 – Vocals

Andy Menario – Guitar, Vocals & Keys

Sebastian Dolzani – Drums

Andrea Arcangeli – Bass 

This album was my introduction to the band and immediately upon listening you’re drawn in by the hypnotic melodies and the unique layers to each song. The songs that really impressed me were One More, Unloveable, The Illusion, and The Hope. 

Track Listing:

  1. One More
  2. Time to Reset
  3. I Wanna Cry
  4. Unloveable
  5. Obsession
  6. The Illusion
  7. The Showdown
  8. A Little Piece Of Joy
  9. The Hope

One More starts the album off strong and really gives you an indication of the musical journey you’re about to be embarking on. Angela is relentless in her approach to the vocal melodies on Obsession and stands out abundantly on this particular track. This would be an amazing song to hear live! 

I really dig the tone of the band and how they mix many different sounds and layers to their songs. Along with the amazing vocals and melodies the band still rocks and really brings aggression to the music. It really speaks to many different genres of the metal music genre and I see how this band could connect with many different demographics and musical tastes. Great album and I highly recommend a listen and look out for them on tour this summer.

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