Album Review - XL (40th Anniversary Version) Anthrax

Album Review -  XL (40th Anniversary Version) Anthrax

Anthrax is celebrating 40 Years with the release of XL (40th Anniversary Version). The album is the newest release from the band which was recorded for a live stream. Also with the album release came a new Blu-ray and DVD of the performance. I was bummed I missed the initial live stream this was a real treat.

I think this is a quintessential song list that best represents the band over the past 40 years. Each of the Anthrax albums is represented with new fresh sounding takes on the old classics. So get ready to headbang to this one. 

The opening mash-up of the classic Time from the Persistence in Time album into a blistering version of Fight Em ‘Till You Can’t lets you know the ride that you’re embarking upon. The band was ready to rock and hit on all cylinders when they recorded this stream. I am always impressed with Joey Belladonna vocals but I will be honest. Can he hit the notes from 35 years ago? Absolutely not, but honestly who really can still nor should he be expected to. 

Overall it’s a great album and will be appreciated by new fans of the band of course us old-school guys. It’s a long record but I viewed it as an experience reliving the old songs. It’s enjoyable to hear the new versions of the old songs with new and updated sounds are amazing. 

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