Flashback Review: Testament - Practice What You Preach

Flashback Review: Testament - Practice What You Preach

On August 4, 1989, Testament released their third studio record “Practice What You Preach”.

The album is considered the band’s breakthrough, as it was the first time they cracked the Top 100 (77th) on the Billboard Charts spending nearly 12 weeks there and almost reached Gold Record Status selling 450,000 units only 50k away – buy this record!

According to album Producer Alex Perialas, “Preach” was recorded live off the floor, with the exception of Chuck Billy’s vocals. The band would run through the album twice per day and the best takes of each track would be used for the final product.

Lyrically, the band moved away from the occult themes that were present on previous releases and

Practice What You Preach symbolizes everything I love about late ’80s thrash metal.

Until next time, play it loud friends!

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