New Blood, More Focus and the Future: An Interview With Graveshadow

New Blood, More Focus and the Future: An Interview With Graveshadow

Symphonic metal band Graveshadow have begun to rise in the symphonic metal scene. After band member shifts after the release of their 2nd album Ambition's Price, the band had three new members join the band. With bassist Luci Rae, drummer Bones Padilla and brand new vocalist Rachl "Raxx" Quinn. While dealing with the COVID-19 Pandemic, the band came rising like a phoenix with the release of their third album,  2022's The Uncertain Hour. On this album, the band sound stronger and grander in its sound and performance. With new blood in the band and a more focused direction, the album is starting to get the band attention and popularity following it's release.

I sat down with the band's guitarist William Walker, vocalist Rachl "Raxx" Quinn and guitarist Aaron Robitsch. We talk about the band's history, some of the guest artists they have worked with, including Primal Fear and Dawn of Ouroboros, the musical direction with the new record, and if a new album is in the works.

I want to thank the band for giving This Day in Metal the time for do the interview. If you want to check out the band's music, check out the band's Bandcamp at and for social media, you can check out their Facebook for news.

The band will be performing at this year's Mile High Power Fest on August 24th, 2024. If you want to see them live at that event, you can get tickets at

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