My Rock Hall rant

My Rock Hall rant

Not only fans should demand this musicians and others should also!! Why doesn’t Lady Gaga, Chris Jericho get behind this also? #RockHall #VoteIronMaiden

Finally some musicians are starting to wake up!! Thank you Paul Stanley!!

Read article HERE

We know the fan vote doesn’t get them in it’s kinda a popularity contest Eddie Trunk. We get that!! What pisses me off is no one in the Metal community is speaking up about this. KISS had to create fan uproar to get inducted the same should be done here.

I personally wanna see Iron Maiden in there. Supposedly the Hall was created for fans to go there and see their favourite band in there. Sucks I can see why Iron Maiden doesn’t wanna be there but from a fan’s perspective I do!!! 🤘🏻

Them snubbing Metal bands only hurts them in the long run with less attendance and negative publicity. So what’s it going to be Rock Hall?

Where’s Lars Ulrich? I hear he loves Iron Maiden. Speak up man. Fight FIRE with FIRE!!!

Because the Rock Hall formed late there’s a backlog of artists “That should be in there”. And only so many get inducted each year. I’m hoping this is Iron Maiden’s year!! @metalheadmarv


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