Still Searching For The Truth For What Really Happened To Oli Herbert

Still Searching For The Truth For What Really Happened To Oli Herbert

It’s been almost 4 years and police are still searching for clues about his death.

Some say it was his wife…

She has long been a suspect and was the last person to see him alive.

His wife did take over his Twitter account but it’s been silent since 2019.

“This Day in Metal” Metalhead Marv chats with vocalist Phil Labonte of “All That Remains”

Metalhead Marv: Hey Phil, any updates on what happened to Oli Herbert?

Phil : I haven’t heard anything.

Metalhead Marv: Do you have any suspicions what happen to him?

Phil: I don’t know what happened. I will likely never know. The only person that could know is his wife as she was the only other person home.

Metalhead Marv: What’s your fondest memory of Oli?

Phil: I dunno about a favorite memory. We were friends for literally 20 years. We lived together for most of that time. Picking one is, incomplete.

Metalhead Marv: Anything up and coming with the band?

Phil: Yeah, we’re going out to do the fall of ideals 15 year anniversary tour. We start next Saturday in Worcester mass! We intend on streaming the shows on twitch!

All That Remains” have released nine studio albums, and have sold over a million records worldwide.

The band will embark on “The Fall Of Ideals” 15th-anniversary trek this spring, kicking off on March 12th in Worcester, Massachusetts, and running through May 20th in Hartford, Connecticut. MISS MAY I, VARIALS and TALLAH will serve as support. ALL THAT REMAINS will perform “The Fall Of Ideals” in full on this run.

One of the last videos from Oli was a video of him doing the “This Day in Metal” video.

Months later he passed away.

Oli doing the “This Day in Metal” video months before his passing.


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