The Day in Metal January 25th

The Day in Metal January 25th

Jan 25th 1986 Sacrifice released their debut album “Torment in Fire”

Did you know
Along with Voivod, Razor and Annihilator, they are considered one of the “big four” of Canadian thrash metal.

Jan 25th 1987 Leatherwolf released the album “Leatherwolf”

Did you know
The group is also nicknamed the “Triple Axe Attack” for pioneering the use of a 3-guitar line-up in Heavy Metal.

Jan 25th 1995 Wargasm released the album “Ugly”

Did you know
This a killer thrash metal album a bit more experimental than Why Play Around; but it still kicks major ass.

Jan 25th 1999 Edguy released the album “Theater Of Salvation”

Did you know
It is their first album to feature drummer Felix Bohnke and bass player Tobias Exxel.

Jan 25th 1999 Nevermore released the album “Dreaming Neon Black”

Did you know
The spoken word samples from the intro “Ophidian” and its 10-second reprise at the end of “Forever” are from the movie, Lord of Illusions.

Jan 25th 2010 Dream Evil released the album “In The Night”

Did you know
The band is from Gothenburg, Sweden and formed in 1999.

Jan 25th 2013 Hatriot released their debut album “Heroes of Origin”

Did you know… Videos were made for Blood Stained Wings and And Your Children to Be Damned.

Jan 25th 2019 Evergrey released the album “The Atlantic”

Did you know
The cover art was created by Giannis Nakos.


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