The Metal Family We Lost This Year (2021)

The Metal Family We Lost This Year (2021)

We will never forget your contributions to Heavy Metal music. R.I.P. (We may have missed some but they are also not forgotten)

Marsha Zazula co-founder of Megaforce Records (Died January 10th)
Tony Matuzak guitarist with Lizzy Borden (1983-1985) (Died February 18th)
Lars-Göran Petrov vocalist Entombed A.D. and former vocalist with Entombed (1988-2014) , (Died March 7th)
Gerri Miller former editor of Metal Edge magazine (Died March 14th)
John Hinch former drummer of Judas Priest (1973-1975) and played on their debut album Rocka Rolla. (Died April 29th)
Tawny Kitaen actress and model. Best known for the Whitesnake video “Here I Go Again”. Was previously married to David Coverdale. Tawny was also on the album cover of Ratt’s debut album “Out of the Cellar”album.
Johnny Solinger former vocalist with Skid Row (1999-2015) (Died June 26th)
Jeff Labar guitarist with Cinderella (Died July 14th)
Gary Corbett former touring keyboardist with KISS and Cinderella (Died July 14th)
Joey Jordison drummer with Sinsaenum and former drummer with Slipknot (1995–2013) (Died July 26th)
Mike Howe vocalist with Metal Church (Died July 26th)
Eric Wagner vocalist with The Skull and former vocalist with Trouble (Died August 22nd)


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