The time Megadeth opened for Metallica on New Years Eve

The time Megadeth opened for Metallica on New Years Eve

December 31st 1985

As much as you wanna believe Megadeth’s Dave Mustaine hatred towards his former band Metallica, there was actually a time in 1985 when his band opened for them.

Supposedly the original lineup that night was Metallica, Exodus, Anthrax and Metal Church. Unfortunately Anthrax cancelled at the last minute so guess who stepped in to fill that void?

Metallica, Megadeth, Exodus and Metal Church on the same bill for $20. Those were the days.

Did you know… Metallica performed the song “Master of Puppets” live for the first time!

Gary Holt recalls the show in an interview with Metal Hammer, saying Exodus stomped Metallica “into the dirt” and that James Hetfield joked after the show “that’s the last time you guys’ll ever support us.”

Dave Mustaine himself made the bands out to be sworn enemies. He wouldn’t even refer to Metallica by name in interviews, only ever called them his “previous band.”

I mean if you listen to mainstream media, they made both bands out to be sworn enemies.


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