This Day in Metal April 10th

This Day in Metal April 10th

Apr 10th 1981 Tygers of Pan Tang released the album “Spellbound”

Did you know
It was the band’s first album with guitarist John Sykes and vocalist Jon Deverill.

Apr 10th 1983 Twisted Sister released the single “The Kids Are Back”

Did you know
“The Kids Are Back” was used in the opening scene of the 2010 film, Jackass 3D.

Apr 10th 1985 Heaven released the album “Knockin On Heaven’s Door”

Did you know
The band’s cover of Bob Dylan song “Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door” is consider among the best versions.

Apr 10th 1986 Razor released the album “Malicious Intent”

Did you know
The bonus track “Mosh” begins with an unknown person playing Jeepers Creepers on the piano with Stace McLaren going on a swearing tirade.

Apr 10th 1988 Gothic Slam released their debut album “Killer Instinct”

Did you know
The song “Fought For Death” was also on the compilation album “Stars on Thrash” (Roadrunner, 1988)

Apr 10th 1988 Virus released the album “Force Recon”

Did you know
There is an unlisted track (“Munster Mosh”) at the end of this album. It’s a cover of The Munsters TV show theme song.

Apr 10th 1990 Death Angel released the album “Act III”

Did you know
The album was produced by famed metal producer Max Norman and was their only major label release.

Apr 10th 2007 HELLYEAH released their debut album “Hellyeah”

Did you know
The album debuted at number 9 on the Billboard Charts.
This was their only album to feature original bassist Jerry Montano.

Apr 10th 2012 Municipal Waste released the album “The Fatal Feast”

Did you know
John Connelly from Nuclear Assault performed vocals on the song “The Fatal Feast”.

Apr 10th 2012 Demon Hunter released the album “True Defiance”

Did you know
The album was a commercial success reaching number 36 on the Billboard Charts.

Apr 10th 2013 Ghost released the album “Infestissumam”

Did you know
The album debut at number 28 on the Billboard Charts.

Apr 10th 2020 Puncture Wound released the album “Complete Carnage of Coagulating Cacophonous Corpses”

Did you know
The band is from Queensland, Australia and formed in 2016.


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