This Day in Metal April 14th

This Day in Metal April 14th

Apr 14th 1980 Judas Priest released the album “British Steel”

Did you know….
In 2017, it was ranked 3rd on Rolling Stone’s list of “100 Greatest Metal Albums of All Time”.

Apr 14th 1982 Van Halen released the album “Diver Down”

Did you know
It peaked at number 3 on the Billboard Charts and spent 65 weeks on the chart.

Apr 14th 1986 Judas Priest released the album “Turbo”

Did you know
Originally planned as a double album called Twin Turbo, but eventually they decided to trim it down to one album.

Apr 14th 1989 Blind Guardian released the album “Follow the Blind”

Did you know
It’s more in the vein of speed metal, compared to the style that would later define the band’s unique sound.

Apr 14th 1998 Helloween released the album “Better Than Raw”

Did you know
The cover was inspired by The Smurfs, with Gargamel changed for the witch and the Smurfs for pumpkins.


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