This Day in Metal April 16th

This Day in Metal April 16th

Apr 16th 1984 Saxon released the album “Crusader”

Did you know
The album reached number 1 on the metal charts in Sweden, France and Germany. It peaked at number 18 on the Official Charts.

Apr 16th 1990 Bathory released the album “Hammerheart”

Did you know
It continued the previous album Blood Fire Death’s transition away from black metal to what became recognized as Viking metal, and is considered a cornerstone work of the genre.

Apr 16th 2007 W.A.S.P. released the album “Dominator”

Did you know..
Covers of Burn by Deep Purple and Fortunate Son by CCR were included on the originally announced track listing, but were dropped from the album’s final cut.

Apr 16th 2007 Annihilator released the album “Metal”

Did you know….
The bonus track was a cover of the Exciter song “Heavy Metal Maniac”

Apr 16th 2016 Iron Maiden released the single “Empire of the Clouds”

Did you know
It’s the band 43rd single and the band’s longest song to date


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