This Day in Metal April 17th

This Day in Metal April 17th

Apr 17th 1982 Motörhead released the album “Iron Fist”

Did you know
It would be the last album with the ‘classic’ line up of Kilmister, Clarke and Taylor. The album peaked at number 6 on the Official Charts.

Apr 17th 1989 Accusser released the album “Who Dominates Who?”

Did you know..
The band is from Kreuztal, Germany and formed in 1986.

Apr 17th 1989 Annihilator released their debut album “Alice In Hell”

Did you know..
It was ranked number 9 in Loudwire’s top 10 list of “Thrash Albums NOT Released by the Big 4”.
The album has sold over a million copies

Apr 17th 1989 Holy Moses released the album “The New Machine of Liechtenstein”

Did you know
A limited edition of this album contained a black & white “comic-book”.

Apr 17th 1989 Mortal Sin released the album “Face of Despair”

Did you know..
One of Australia’s earliest and most well-known thrash bands, Mortal Sin was tabbed by the metal magazine Kerrang! as a Next Big Thing

Apr 17th 2000 Decapitated released their debut album “Winds of Creation”

Did you know
The bonus track was a cover of the Slayer song “Mandatory Suicide”

Apr 17th 2001 Mortician released the album “Domain of Death”

Did you know..
The band did a cover of the Pungent Stench song “Pulsating Protoplasma” on this album.

Apr 17th 2007 Six Feet Under released the album “Commandment”

Did you know
“Doomsday” was premiered on Headbangers Ball on Nov 10th 2007.

Apr 17th 2020 The Black Dahlia Murder released the album “Verminous”

Did you know
Their name is derived from the 1947 unsolved murder of Elizabeth Short, often referred to as Black Dahlia.


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