This Day in Metal April 23rd

This Day in Metal April 23rd

Apr 23rd 1987 Death Angel released their debut album “The Ultra-Violence”

Did you know
Drummer Andy Galeon just 14 years old when the album was recorded.

Apr 23rd 1990 Filthy Christians released their debut album “Mean”

Did you know
The band was the first Swedish act to be signed to Earache Records.
The album was considered rather controversial upon release.

Apr 23rd 2001 Paragon released the album “Steelbound”

Did you know…. The band is from Hamburg, Germany and formed in 1990.

Apr 23rd 2002 Rhapsody of Fire released album “Power Of The Dragonflame”

Did you know…. In 2017, Loudwire ranked it as the 9th best power metal album of all time.

Apr 23rd 2007 Dimmu Borgir released the album “In Sorte Diaboli”

Did you know
The album cover was rated by LA Weekly 9 out of 25 from their article The 25 Creepiest Heavy Metal Album Covers.

Apr 23rd 2010 Mass released the album “Sea of Black”

Did you know
The vocals of St. August could be matched up note for note with such heavyweights as Don Dokken, Jon Bon Jovi, or Tom Kiefer in their prime

Apr 23rd 2014 Prong released the album “Ruining Lives”

Did you know… The album was produced by Tommy Victor and Steve Evetts.


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