This Day in Metal April 24th

This Day in Metal April 24th

Apr 24th 1987 Artillery released the album “Terror Squad”

Did you know
The album cover was just a sketch drawn by Jørgen Sandau, but the label decided to use it anyway for the front cover.

Apr 24th 1989 Black Sabbath released the album “Headless Cross”

Did you know
It was the group’s second album to feature singer Tony Martin and the first to feature drummer Cozy Powell.

Apr 24th 1995 Trouble released the album “Plastic Green Head”

Did you know
The album marked the return of original drummer Jeff Olson, who had left Trouble in 1986 and returned in 1993.

Apr 24th 2001 Fear Factory released the album “Digimortal”

Did you know…. The album was the last to feature founding guitarist and songwriter Dino Cazares for eight years until his return to the band in 2009.

Apr 24th 2011 Pestilence released the album “Doctrine”

Did you know… The album represents a second release by the reformed Pestilence, with two new members: Yuma van Eekelen and Jeroen Paul Thesseling.

Apr 24th 2012 Paradise Lost released the album “Tragic Idol”

Did you know….
It was the band’s first album with drummer Adrian Erlandsson.

Apr 24th 2020 Warbringer released the album “Weapons of Tomorrow”

Did you know
Originally they named the band “Onslaught” but changed their name after realizing that there is a band using the same name.
This album won This Day in Metal album of the year in 2020.

Apr 24th 2020 Cirith Ungol released the album “Forever Black”

Did you know
The band took their name from the mountain pass Cirith Ungol in J. R. R. Tolkien’s epic fantasy novel The Lord of the Rings.


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