This Day in Metal April 27th

This Day in Metal April 27th

Apr 27th 1985 Manilla Road released the album “Open The Gates”

Did you know
The album was dedicated to Al Arnold.

Apr 27th 1987 Ace Frehley released the album “Frehley’s Comet”

Did you know
It was the first album that Frehley released after leaving Kiss in 1982.

Apr 27th 1992 Exciter released the album “Kill After Kill”

Did you know
A video was made for the song “Rain Of Terror”

‪Apr 27th 2004 Suffocation released the album “Souls To Deny”

Did you know…‬
‪The album marked the return of original drummer, Mike Smith.‬

Apr 27th 2010 Warbeast released their debut album “Krush the Enemy”

Did you know… A music video was shot for the song “Scorched Earth Policy”.

Apr 27th 2018 Thrust released the album “Harvest of Souls”

Did you know
If metal is to continue making a comeback it’ll be because of bands like Thrust making killer records. This heavy slab of metal comes highly recommended.

Apr 27th 2018 Riot V released the album “Armor of Light”

Did you know…. . It is Riot’s second album not featuring long-time guitarist and founder, Mark Reale who died in 2012.

Apr 27th 2018 Meliah Rage released the album “Idol Hands”

Did you know… The band name was inspired by the ‘Meliah’ Indian tribe’s practice of taking opium before going into battle.

Apr 27th 1951 Former KISS guitarist Ace Frehley was born!!!


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