This Day in Metal April 5th

This Day in Metal April 5th

Apr 5th 1985 Hammer released their debut album “Contract with Hell”

Did you know..
Previously known as Holland, they were forced to change their name to Hammer after a Canadian band with the same name threatened to sue them.

Apr 5th 1985 Razor released their debut album “Executioner’s Song”

Did you know..
Most of the tracks on the album were first put to tape on the Escape the Fire demo.

Apr 5th 1988 Darkness released the album “Defenders of Justice”

Did you know
In 2004 the band reunited under the new name Eure Erben.

Apr 5th 1999 Wolf released their debut album “Wolf”

Did you know
Henrik Johansson appeared in the original photo shoot, but the album had already been recorded before he joined the band.

Apr 5th 2004 Insomnium released the album “Since the Day It All Came Down”

Did you know
Insomnium is supposed to be a word pertaining to dreams, with various interpretations of its meaning.

Apr 5th 2004 Vehemence released the album “Helping The World To See”

Did you know..
“Her Beautiful Eyes” was a re-recorded song off an earlier demo.

Apr 5th 2005 Corrosion of Conformity released the album “In The Arms Of God”

Did you know
It was their first album to not feature drummer Reed Mullin.
Stanton Moore of the band Galactic played drums on this album.

Apr 5th 2007 Monstrosity released the album “Spiritual Apocalypse”

Did you know
Kelly Shaefer of Atheist did guest vocals on the songs “The Inhuman Race” and “Firestorm”.

Apr 5th 2019 Exumer released the album “Hostile Defiance”

Did you know
The band did a cover of the Entombed song “Supposed to Rot” on this album.

Apr 5th 1980 Jon Donais guitarist with Anthrax and Shadows Fall was born!!
Credit: Getty Images/Brian Rasic

Apr 5th 1998 Cozy Powell legendary drummer who played with Whitesnake and Black Sabbath died in car accident.

Did you know
Powell had appeared on at least 66 albums, with contributions on many other recordings. Many rock drummers have cited him as a major influence.
Apr 5th 2002 Layne Staley singer with Alice in Chains died.

Did you know
In 1984 Layne joined a glam metal band called Sleze, who would change their name to Alice N’ Chains. Months later Layne took that name and changed it to Alice In Chains.
‪Apr 5th 2007 Mark St John former guitarist with KISS died. ‬

Did you know…‬
‪St. John was with Kiss only a short time; but he was featured on the album Animalize, the second album of the non-makeup period. ‬


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