This Day in Metal April 6th

This Day in Metal April 6th

Apr 6th 1984 Syar released their debut album “Death Before Dishonour”

Did you know
The album cover art was done by renowned artist Eric Philippe.

Apr 6th 1989 Attomica released the album “Limits of Insanity”

Did you know
The band is from Sao Jose dos Campos, Brazil and formed in 1985.

Apr 6th 1989 Sea Hags released their debut album “Sea Hags”

Did you know
Kirk Hammett, guitarist of Metallica, co-produced their first demos with Sylvia Massy, who went on to produce two releases by progressive rock band Tool

Apr 6th 1991 Revenant released their debut album “Prophecies of a Dying World”

Did you know..
This is the only album by this underground band. They played death/thrash with an incredible musicianship, good guitar riffs and excelent solos.

Apr 6th 2009 Cauldron released their debut album “Chained To The Nite”

Did you know
The band did a cover of the Black ‘N Blue song “Chains Around Heaven” on this album.

Apr 6th 2010 Veil of Maya released the album “[id]”

Did you know
It is the band’s only album to feature bassist Matthew C. Pantelis.

Apr 6th 2012 Exumer released the album “Fire & Damnation”

Did you know..
It was released twenty-five years after the band’s previous album Rising from the Sea (1987).

‪Apr 6th 2012 Accept released the album “Stalingrad”

Did you know..‬
‪The album debuted at number 81 on the Billboard 200, becoming Accept’s first album to crack the top 100 in the United States since Metal Heart (1985)‬

Apr 6th 1952 Udo Dirkschneider singer with U.D.O. and former with Accept was born!!

Did you know
His son Sven Dirkschneider is a drummer and also plays in the band U.D.O.

Apr 6th 1970 Terrance Hobbs guitarist with Suffocation was born!!!

Did you know
Hobbs also played in the death metal project, Criminal Element, which featured fellow Suffocation member Derek Boyer.


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