This Day in Metal August 14th

This Day in Metal August 14th

Aug 14th 1988 Screamer released their debut album “Target: Earth”

Did you know….
It was released on Ann Boleyn’s New Renaissance Records. It would be Screamer’s only offering for 20 years.

Aug 14th 1989 Whiplash released the album “Insult to Injury”

Did you know
The album saw the addition of vocalist, Glenn Hansen, as Tony Portaro concentrated on guitar duties instead of the dual role he had performed on previous albums

Aug 14th 1989 Wolfsbane released their debut album “Live Fast, Die Fast: Wicked Tales of Booze, Birds and Bad Language”

Did you know
The album was produced by Rick Rubin for his Def American label.

Aug 14th 1992 Motörhead released the album “March Or Die”

Did you know
The band did a cover of the song “Cat Scratch Fever” on this album.

Aug 14th 1995 Krisiun released their debut album “Black Force Domain”

Did you know….
The band did a cover of the Sodom song “Nuclear Winter” on this album.

Aug 14th 1995 Saxon released the album “Dogs Of War”

Did you know
It was their last album with Graham Oliver on guitar.

Aug 14th 2015 Soulfly released the album “Archangel”

Did you know..
It is the band’s last album to feature bassist Tony Campos, who left the band shortly after recording to join Fear Factory.

Aug 14th 2020 Virus released the album “Evilution Apocalypse”

Did you know
It’s the bands first album in 30 years, with guest appearances from ex Carcass axe man Carlo Redagas & vocalist Thom Hazeart.


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