This Day in Metal August 16th

This Day in Metal August 16th

Aug 16th 1982 Manilla Road released the album “Metal”

Did you know
The song “Queen of the Black Coast” was inspired by the story of the same name by Robert E. Howard.

Aug 16th 1985 Pantera released the album “I Am The Night”

Did you know
This would be their last album with singer Terry Glaze.

Aug 16th 1986 Zeus released their debut album “Preso”

Did you know
The album was recorded in 1984 but released in 1986 only.

Aug 16th 1986 Helstar released the album “Remnants of War”

Did you know
Singer James Rivera went under the alias Bill Lionel on their 1984 debut Burning Star.

Aug 16th 1994 Savatage released the album “Handful Of Rain”

Did you know
It’s their only release with Testament guitarist Alex Skolnick.

Aug 16th 2005 Stryper released the album “Reborn”

Did you know….
Reborn was slated to be a Michael Sweet solo record, but he played it for the other members, and Oz Fox suggested it should be a Stryper record.

Aug 16th 2019 HammerFall eleased the album “Dominion”

Did you know
It is the second album to feature David Wallin on drums, and the first since his departure and subsequent rejoining in 2016.


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