This Day in Metal August 8th

This Day in Metal August 8th

Aug 8th 1983 Metallica released the GREAT single “Whiplash”

Did you know
The song has been covered a number of times, most notably by Motörhead whose version won a Grammy Award for Best Metal Performance.

Aug 8th 1988 Marty Friedman released his debut album “Dragon’s Kiss”

Did you know….
Based on Friedman’s playing on this album, Dave Mustaine decided to recruit him to Megadeth as a second guitarist.

Aug 8th 1989 Viking released the album “Man of Straw”

Did you know
The album was executive produced by Metal Blade founder Brian Slagel.
The band did a cover of the Pat Benatar song “Hell Is for Children” on this album.

Aug 8th 1989 Intruder released the album “A Higher Form of Killing”

Did you know
The Metal Blade cassette release has an unlisted hidden track at the end of Side A.

Aug 8th 1992 Wraith released their debut album “Danger Calling”

Did you know
The backing vocals were sung by none other than Mr Lemmy Kilmister (Hawkwind/Mötorhead).

Aug 8th 1994 Acid Bath released their debut album “When the Kite String Pops”

Did you know
The album’s artwork is a painting made by notorious serial killer John Wayne Gacy while in prison awaiting execution.

Aug 8th 1997 Dismember released the album “Death Metal”

Did you know
The song “Let The Napalm Rain”, opens with a sample from the movie Apocalypse Now.

Aug 8th 2006 Slayer released the album “Christ Illusion”

Did you know..
The album entered the Billboard 200 at number 5, the band’s second highest U.S. chart position.

Aug 8th 1964 Eddie Trunk former host of That Metal Show was born!!!

Did you know
Trunk revealed in 2019 that he had recorded backing vocals on Anthrax’s 1989 cover of the KISS song Parasite and was credited in the special thanks as Ed “Parasite” Trunk


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