This Day in Metal December 13th

This Day in Metal December 13th

Dec 13th 1991 Conception released their debut album “The Last Sunset”

Did you know…
The album was originally recorded by the band’s own record label CSF Records. In 1994, it was released again under their new record label Noise Records.

Dec 13th 1966 Darren Travis singer with Sadus was born!!!

Did you know….
Over the course their 33-year career, Sadus has released five studio albums, one compilation album and four demos.
Dec 13th 2001 #ChuckSchuldiner former singer and guitarist with Death lost his battle with a brain tumour.

Did you know…
Chuck was known as “The Godfather of Death Metal”
He was ranked No. 20 in 2004 Guitar World’s “The 100 Greatest Metal Guitarists”.


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