This Day in Metal December 9th

This Day in Metal December 9th

Dec 9th 1976 Y & T released their debut album “Yesterday And Today”

Did you know….
The band formed in 1974 in Oakland, California.
The original name of the band was “Yesterday & Today”.

Dec 1st 1977 Aerosmith released the album “Draw the Line”

Did you know…
The album peaked at number 11 on the Billboard charts.

Dec 9th 1986 Prisoner released their debut album “Rip It Up”

Did you know…
Prisoner is the band of singer Coburn Pharr that after the release of this album joined Omen and recorded with them the album “Escape to Nowhere”.In 1990 he joined Annihilator and recorded with them the album “Never, Neverland”.

Dec 9th 2002 Sacrificium released their debut album “Cold Black Piece of Flesh”

Did you know…
Originally the band was called “Corpus Christi” and started out playing Thrash Metal.

Dec 9th 1948 Dennis Dunaway former bassist in Alice Cooper was born! Did you know…He co-wrote some of the band’s most notable songs, including “I’m Eighteen ” and “School’s Out”.


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