This Day in Metal February 13th

This Day in Metal February 13th

Feb 13th 1970 Black Sabbath released their debut album “Black Sabbath”

Did you know
Black Sabbath is widely considered the first heavy metal album.
The album reached number 8 on the Official Charts.

Feb 13th 1990 Trouble released the album “Trouble”

Did you know….
The album was produced by the legendary Rick Rubin.

Feb 13th 1996 Hypocrisy released the album “Abducted”

Did you know….
The Japanese bonus track included a cover of the KISS song “Strange Ways”

Feb 13th 1950 Bob Daisley former bassist and songwriter with Ozzy Osbourne is born!!!

Did you know
Bob played bass on the Black Sabbath album “The Eternal Idol”.


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