This Day in Metal February 14th

This Day in Metal February 14th

Feb 14th 1984 Mad Axeman released their debut album “Mad Axeman” #MadAtMe #Bastard #PearlHarbour #PowerMetal

Did you know…
The band did a cover of the Sweet song “Hell Raiser” on this album.

Feb 14th 1987 Darxon released the album “No Thrills”

Did you know
Guitarist Wolfgang “Wolla” Böhm would later go on and join U.D.O.

Feb 14th 1989 M.O.D. released the album “Gross Misconduct”

Did you know
The band’s first album “U.S.A. for M.O.D.” was produced by Scott Ian

Feb 14th 1995 Nevermore released their debut album “Nevermore”

Did you know…..
It was singer Warrel Dane and bassist Jim Sheppard’s first release after departing from their previous band, Sanctuary, in 1994.

Feb 14th 2002 Pessimist released the album “Slaughtering the Faithful”

Did you know...
The band did a cover of the Megadeth song “Killing Is My Business… and Business Is Good” on the “A Tribute to Megadeth” album (1999).

Feb 14th 2006 The Sword released their debut album “Age of Winters”

Did you know
“Iron Swan” appears in the 2006 video game Tony Hawk’s Project 8.

Feb 14th 2011 Cauldron released the album “Burning Fortune”

Did you know
The band is from Toronto, Ontario and formed in 2006.

Feb 14th 2020 Diabulus in Musica released the album “Euphonic Entropy”

Did you know
The band was formed in Pamplona, Navarre in 2006 by Zuberoa Aznárez, Gorka Elso, Adrián Vallejo and Jorge Arca.

Feb 14th 1961 Brian Slagel founder and CEO of Metal Blade was born!!!

Did you know
Slagel is known for giving Metallica their first break in 1982, with an appearance on Metal Massacre, a compilation album on Metal Blade.


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