This Day in Metal February 20th

This Day in Metal February 20th

Feb 20th 1992 Stratovarius released the album “Twilight Time”

Did you know
Jari Behm appears in a band photo and is credited with playing, but all bass parts on the album were performed by the guitarist Timo Tolkki.

Feb 20th 1993 Arcade released their debut album “Arcade”

Did you know
The album would prove to be a mild success as it charted at number 133 on the Billboard 200 chart.

Feb 20th 1995 Tad Morose released the album “Sender of Thoughts”

Did you know
The band did a cover of the Rainbow song “Gates of Babylon” on this album.

Feb 20th 1996 Sepultura released the album “Roots”

Did you know… The album reached number 27 on the Billboard 200 chart.
It was the band’s last studio album to feature founding member Max Cavalera.

Feb 20th 1996 In Flames released the album “The Jester Race”

Did you know
It was the first album to feature Anders Fridén as the band’s vocalist and Björn Gelotte as the drummer.

Feb 20th 2006 Dismember released the album “The God That Never Was”

Did you know
A music video was made for the track “Trail of the Dead”.

Feb 20th 2008 Loudness released the album “Metal Mad”

Did you know
It would be the last album before Munetaka Higuchi’s death in November 2008.

Feb 20th 2009 HammerFall released the album “No Sacrifice, No Victory”

Did you know
This is the first album featuring lead guitarist Pontus Norgren and the return of bassist Fredrik Larsson who played bass from 1994 to 1997.

Feb 20th 2015 Ensiferum released the album “One Man Army”

Did you know
The band is from Helsinki, Finland and formed in 1995.

Feb 20th 2015 Scorpions released the album “Return To Forever”

Did you know
The album reached number 65 on the Billboard Charts.

‪Feb 20th 2003 Ty Langley former guitarist with Great White died from a tragic fire. We will never forget him or the others who died that night. 💔

Did you know..‬.
‪His son Acey is also a musician and runs a charity for hospitalized children in his father’s memory. ‬


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