This Day in Metal February 22nd

This Day in Metal February 22nd

Feb 22nd 1982 Baron Rojo released the album “Volumen Brutal”

Did you know
This album was released in two versions: one with lyrics in Spanish and another sung in English. Bruce Dickinson from Iron Maiden is credited for helping the band with the translation.

Feb 22nd 1986 Ozzy Osbourne released the GREAT album “The Ulimate Sin”

Did you know
It was the only Ozzy album to feature bassist Phil Soussan, who co-wrote the album’s hit single “Shot in the Dark”.

FYI… seems to be that this date is incorrect. This Day in Metal tries to have the most correct dates for albums. This being said, next year the date for this album will change. I’m working on setting up a verification system that the majority of us will follow. Cheers!

Feb 22nd 1992 Demon released the album “Blow-Out”

Did you know….
This would be the band’s last album before reuniting in 2001, and according to singer and founding member Dave Hill, it was because of fatigue.

Feb 22nd 1993 Doro released the album “Angels Never Die”

Did you know….
The video for the song “Bad Blood” was voted best anti-racism video during the first MTV Europe Music Awards ceremony in 1994.

Feb 22nd 1999 Immortal released the album “At the Heart of Winter”

Did you know
The album marks a shift in Immortal’s musical sound, towards a black metal and thrash metal fusion.

Feb 22nd 2008 Rage released the album “Carved In Stone”

Did you know….
The band formed in 1984 under the name Avenger, but changed their name to Rage because there was another band in England that also had the same name.

Feb 22nd 2008 Exciter released the album “Thrash Speed Burn”

Did you know….
The band formed in 1978 and are from Ottawa, Ontario.
The band was originally called Hell Razor.
They are considered to be one of the first speed metal bands.

Feb 22nd 2011 Evergrey released the album “Glorious Collision”

Did you know… Salina Englund (Tom Englund’s daughter) did guest vocals on “I’m Drowning Alone”

Feb 22nd 2013 Stratovarius released the album “Nemesis”

Did you know….
It was their first album to feature new drummer Rolf Pilve.

Feb 22nd 2019 Dream Theater released the album “Distance over Time”

Did you know
It’s the band’s fourteenth studio album.
The band formed in 1985 under the name Majesty.

Feb 22nd 2019 Overkill released the album “The Wings of War”

Did you know
It is the band’s first album to feature drummer Jason Bittner.

Feb 22nd 2019 Candlemass released the album “The Door to Doom”

Did you know..
It’s first one to feature vocalist Johan Längqvist since 1986’s Epicus Doomicus Metallicus.
The song “Astorolus – The Great Octopus” features Tony Iommi.

Feb 22nd 1961 Akira Takasaki guitarist and founding member with Loudness was born!!

Did you know….
He formed Loudness in 1981 with drummer Munetaka Higuchi.


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