This Day in Metal February 25th

This Day in Metal February 25th

Feb 25th 1986 Manilla Road released the album “The Deluge”

Did you know
The album is divided into three parts:I. Eye of the SeaII. Drowned LandsIII. Engulfed Cathedral

Feb 25th 1990 U.D.O. released the album “Faceless World”

Did you know
The band is from Solingen, Germany and formed in 1987.

Feb 25th 1991 Loudness released the album “On the Prowl”

Did you know
It is also their second and last album with American vocalist Mike Vescera, before his leaving to join Yngwie Malmsteen’s band.

‪Feb 25th 1992 Pantera released the GREAT album “Vulgar Display Of Power” ‬

Did you know…‬
‪The album has been described as one of the most influential Heavy Metal albums of the 1990s.‬

Feb 25th 2001 Metalucifer released the album “Heavy Metal Chainsaw”

Did you know..
The Heavy Metal Hunter who shows up on almost all of the Metalucifer covers is Neal Tanaka, one of the most famous Heavy Metal collectors in the world

Feb 25th 2002 Angel Dust released the album “Of Human Bondage”

Did you know…. The first pressing came bundled with a “Century Media Power Metal Sampler”.

Feb 25th 2003 Krokus released the album “Rock The Block”

Did you knowo….
The album peaked at No. 1 on the Swiss Album Chart and was certified Gold in Switzerland.

Feb 25th 2003 Dragon Force released their debut album “Valley Of The Damned”

Did you know
The band were founded in 1999 by guitarists Herman Li and Sam Totman, under the name of DragonHeart.

Feb 25th 2022 Scorpions release NEW album “Rock Believer”

Did you know
This is the band’s first studio album with drummer Mikkey Dee, who replaced James Kottak in 2016.

Feb 25th 2022 Allegaeon release NEW album “DAMNUM”

Did you know
This is their first album with new drummer Jeff Saltzman.

Feb 25th 1988 Dio with Special Guests Megadeth and Savatage perfomed in Bloomington Minnnesota


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