This Day in Metal February 28th

This Day in Metal February 28th

Feb 28th 1984 Q5 released their debut album “Steel the Light”

Did you know
Ex founding member Floyd Rose is also better known as the inventor of the guitar locking tremolo system.

Feb 28th 1986 Bulldozer released the album “The Final Separation”

Did you know
The band is from Milan, Italy and formed in 1980.
This would be the band’s last album with Roadrunner.

Feb 28th 1987 Liege Lord released the album “Burn To My Touch”

Did you know
They began as a Judas Priest cover band named Deceiver.

Feb 28th 1990 Riot released the album “The Privilege Of Power”

Did you know
“Killer” is about convicted killer Jeffrey R. MacDonald and features a guest vocal appearance by Joe Lynn Turner.

Feb 28th 2000 Stratovarius released the album “Infinite”

Did you know
The album reached number 1 on the Finnish albums chart and remained on that chart for nine weeks.

Feb 28th 2005 Soilwork released the album “Stabbing The Drama”

Did you know
This was the last to feature long-time guitarist Peter Wichers, who left the band after the subsequent tour until rejoining in 2008.

Feb 28th 2011 Jag Panzer released the album “The Scourge of the Light”

Did you know
The band was known as Tyrant in its first incarnation, but they soon had to change the name, because another band already existed in California with that name.

Feb 28th 2012 Corrosion of Conformity released the album “Corrosion of Conformity”

Did you know
It is their first album to not feature Pepper Keenan on vocals or guitar since 1987’s Technocracy.

Feb 28th 2012 Terrorizer released the album “Hordes of Zombies”

Did you know
It’s their first album feature vocalist Anthony Rezhawk and guitarist Katina Culture and last album to feature David Vincent.

Feb 28th 2014 Nervosa released their debut album “Victim of Yourself”

Did you know
The album was produced by Heros Trench and Marcello Pompeu by Brazilian thrash metal band Korzus.

‪Feb 28th 2014 Iron Savior released the album “Rise of the Hero” ‬

Did you know…‬
‪A music video was made for “Burning Heart”.‬


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