This Day in Metal February 6th

This Day in Metal February 6th

Feb 6th 1984 Saint Vitus released their debut album “Saint Vitus”

Did you know
According to Dave Chandler, the album was recorded in 1982, but was delayed by nearly two years, due to a lawsuit that SST was involved in.

‪Feb 6th 1984 JudasPriest released the single “Some Heads Are Gonna Roll” ‬

Did you know…‬
‪The song was composed by Bob Halligan Jr. and produced by Tom Allom. ‬

Feb 6th 1985 Heavy Pettin released the album “Rock Ain’t Dead”

Did you know
The band is from Glasgow, Scotland and formed in 1981.

Feb 6th 1986 Griffin released the album “Protectors of the Lair”

Did you know
The band was founded in late 1980 under the name Sinister Savage. In 1982, they changed the name to Griffin.

Feb 6th 1986 Ozzy Osbourne released the single “Shot In The Dark”

Did you know
A top-ten hit on Mainstream rock radio, the song also became his most successful single on the Billboard hot 💯 at the time, peaking at number 68.

Feb 6th 1989 Defiance released their debut album “Product of Society”

Did you know
Annihilator guitarist Jeff Waters produced the album.

Feb 6th 1998 Tarot released the album “For The Glory of Nothing”

Did you know
The album includes a guest appearance from Timo Kotipelto of Stratovarius, who contributes backing vocals to the song “Warhead”.

Feb 6th 1962 Axl Rose singer with Guns N’ Roses was born!!

Did you know
In 2016 he joined AC/DC, temporary replacing Brian Johnson as the lead singer of the group.
Feb 6th 1985 Metallica with WASP and Special Guests Armored Saint in Minneapolis

Tickets $7.50 at the door!!
Bang That Head That Doesn’t Bang


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