This Day in Metal February 7th

This Day in Metal February 7th

Feb 7th 1984 Cutty Sark released their debut album “Die Tonight”

Did you know
The band was from Germany and formed in 1979.

Feb 7th 1986 Whiplash released their debut album “Power And Pain”

Did you know
The album features members of New York City bands, Carnivore and Agnostic Front, on backing vocals.

Feb 7th 1989 Metal Church released the album “Blessing In Disguise”

Did you know… This was the first album not to feature the vocals of David Wayne. This release featured new vocalist Mike Howe and guitarist John Marshall.

Feb 7th 1991 Therion released their debut album “Of Darkness…”

Did you know….
The album contains songs written in the early years of the band. The album is indicated by the band itself as an end of its first era.

Feb 7th 1992 Yngwie Malmsteen released the album “Fire & Ice”

Did you know
The album reached No. 121 on the Billboard 200 chart.

Feb 7th 2000 Gorgoroth released the album “Incipit Satan”

Did you know
The band members dedicated the album to their deceased friend and former bandmate Erik Brødreskift (a.k.a. “Grim”).

Feb 7th 2000 Haggard released the album “Awaking the Centuries”

Did you know
The album is based on Michel De Nostredame (Nostradamus) and his experience during The Black Plague in Medieval Europe.

Feb 7th 2005 Primordial released the album “The Gathering Wilderness”

Did you know…..
The album is in part dedicated to the memory of Quorthon.

Feb 7th 2006 Decapitated released the album “Organic Hallucinosis”

Did you know….
It was Decapitated’s only album to feature vocalist Adrian “Covan” Kowanek.

‪Feb 7th 2012 Van Halen released the album “A Different Kind Of Truth”

Did you know….‬
‪The record is Van Halen’s first full-length album of studio material with former lead singer David Lee Roth since 1984.‬

Feb 7th 2020 Sepultura released the album “Quadra”

Did you know
The album is the band’s most successful record since 1998’s Against, charting in 17 countries and entering the top 20 in 7 countries

Feb 7th 2020 Delain released the album “Apocalypse & Chill”

Did you know…. It is the final studio album to feature vocalist Charlotte Wessels, guitarist Timo Somers and bassist Otto Schimmelpenninck van der Oije.


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