This Day in Metal February 8th

This Day in Metal February 8th

Feb 8th 1986 Executioner released their debut album “In The Name of Metal”

Did you know
In 2013, the album was reissued on CD with the bonus track AC/DC’s “Walk All Over You”.

Feb 8th 1989 Laaz Rockit released the album “Annihilation Principle”

Did you know
This is the final album featuring the classic line-up.

Feb 8th 1989 Scorpions released the single “Passion Rules the Game”

Did you know
The song peaked at number 74 on the Official Charts

Feb 8th 1993 Tarot released the album “To Live Forever”

Did you know
The album also includes a cover of “Children Of The Grave” by Black Sabbath.

Feb 8th 1993 Metallica released the single “Sad But True”

Did you know
The song peaked at number 98 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

Feb 8th 1997 Edguy released the album “Kingdom Of Madness”

Did you know
The album is usually referred to as their “official” debut album since it was the first to be professionally recorded and to receive record company distribution.

Feb 8th 2000 Soilwork released the album “The Chainheart Machine”

Did you know..
There is a hidden track on “Room No. 99” as the song ends at 5:00 followed by silence until the 7:00 minute mark where the hidden track begins.

Feb 8th 2000 Demons & Wizards released their debut album “Demons & Wizards”

Did you know… The band did a cover of the Cream song “White Room” on this album.

Feb 8th 2010 White Wizzard released their debut album “Over The Top”

Did you know….
In March 2010, White Wizzard was nominated for Best New Artist in the Metal Hammer Golden Gods Awards 2010.

Feb 8th 2011 Crowbar released the album “Sever The Wicked Hand”

Did you know…
Sever the Wicked Hand was the first album that frontman Kirk Windstein recorded sober.

Feb 8th 1961 Vince Neil singer with Mötley Crüe was born!!!

Did you know….
Vince was in the band Rockandi in 1979, before joining Mötley Crüe in 1980.
Now here’s a damn good Metal concert!!!

Feb 8th 1987 the Aardschok Festival the in Holland was headlined by Metallica with Anthrax, Metal Church, Crimson Glory and Celtic


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