This Day in Metal February 9th

This Day in Metal February 9th

Feb 9th 1972 Scorpions released their debut album “Lonesome Crow”

Did you know….
It is the band’s only album with lead guitarist Michael Schenker – just 16 at the time of the recording – as a full-time member.

Feb 9th 1981 Riot released the album “Fire Down Under”

Did you know
The song “Flashbacks” is dedicated to Neal Kay, the British DJ who supported heavy metal in the UK during the new wave of British heavy metal.

Feb 9th 1984 MAIN EE AXE released their debut album “Shout it Out”

Did you know
The band was from York, England and formed in 1981.

Feb 9th 1985 Tyran Pace released the album “Long Live Metal”

Did you know
Tyran’ Pace was Ralf Scheepers’ first band.

Feb 9th 1986 Pain released their debut album “Insanity”

Did you know..
The band was from Berlin, Germany and formed in 1985.

Feb 9th 1987 E-X-E released their debut album “Stricken by Might”

Did you know...
Formed in early ’84 as Executioner, but shortened it later to avoid confusion with other bands with that name.

Feb 9th 1988 Vicious Rumors released the album “Digital Dictator”

Did you know
Digital Dictator was the year’s No. 1 album in one of Europe’s top metal magazines, RockHard. The album sold well in Japan, the US, and the rest of Europe.

Feb 9th 1994 Stratovarius released the album “Dreamspace”

Did you know…
It was the last Stratovarius album to feature guitarist Timo Tolkki on vocals.

Feb 9th 1998 Running Wild released the album “The Rivalry”

Did you know
It was their last album with drummer Jörg Michael.
The album reached number 19 on the German charts.

Feb 9th 2004 Destiny released the album “Future of the Past”

Did you know
It was the band’s first album featuring former Falconer frontman Kristoffer Göbel on vocals.

Feb 9th 2010 Icarus Witch released the album “Draw Down The Moon”

Did you know
The band is from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and formed in 2003 by bassist Jason Myers.

Feb 9th 2018 Therion released the album “Beloved Antichrist”

Did you know
The album has been described as a rock opera by the band, who are accompanied by a large orchestra and choir.


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